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Ship Building Blasting & Painting Services

Ship Building Blasting & Painting Services Marine painting is an often overlooked, but very important, procedure. If done right, marine painting will enhance your boat. A good paint job will improve the look of your boat and make it easier to clean. Marine painting is a very complex operation. You need to be able to choose the right paint to cover your boat's topsides, bottom and deck. In most cases, it is beneficial to seek a professional when you make the decision to paint your boat. Marine painting is a common task performed by marine painting companies. Marine painting companies are trained to know exactly what paint to use and how to apply the paint to give your boat maximum protection. Types of Marine Painting The most important consideration in marine painting is choosing the right type of paint. There are many choices when it comes to painting a barrier coat, coloring your hull, applying bottom paint or applying a non-skid coat to your deck. The most common task when it comes to marine painting is applying antifouling paint to the bottom of marine vehicles. Antifouling paint will help protect against the growth of barnacles and algae. Paint applied to the bottom of a boat has a short lifespan. A new coat of bottom paint has to be applied every few years. Boats that are stored in water will require more frequent bottom painting. The type of paint you choose for marine painting depends on many factors. You will have to consider the water conditions your boat is used in and the paint that has already been applied to the boat. For example, a speedboat used in cold, fresh water requires a different type of paint than a fishing boat used in warm, salt water. Professional marine painting companies will know exactly what type of paint each boat requires. They will know whether a new coat of paint can be applied over any existing paint or if the old paint has to be stripped off.



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