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Chimney Coating Services

Thermal Spray coating of Aluminium involves deposition of Aluminium of 99.5% purity over the prepared abrasive blasted surface. The sprayed metal is melted by using electric arc that is atomized with compressed air and projected over the substrate. According to the IS & BS Standards, the coating should be resistant up to 950 C temperature. The Aluminizing process is used to protect parts operating in high temperature environments against corrosion and oxidation. As a result, the most common parts coated are high temperature industrial chimney and muffler. Advantages of Aluminizing on Chimneys: • Aluminizing will with stand temperature upto 950 deg. Centigrade. • Aluminizing will with stand at elevated temperature (Due to elevated temperature there is a possibility of Painting can fail by performance (peel off). • Minimum expected life of Aluminizing will be 10 years & above in any Environmental conditions. • We have carried out Aluminizing on more than 100 chimneys for various companies across India. • We will give 10 years Warranty from the date of completion of work for the performance of Aluminizing.



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