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Zinc Spray Coating Services The zinc spray galvanizing process starts with the preparation of the Structure’s surface by removing rust, unwanted surface coatings, oil and other contaminants. The cleaning is done using high-pressure abrasive blasting, which also roughens the surface. This increases the surface area and ensures a successful adherence of the zinc coating. The atomized metal particles are then sprayed onto the roughened surface where they attach to the surface and solidify. Several layers are applied so as to build up the coating thickness, with typical values ranging between 80 microns and 300 microns, but thicknesses of 50 to 500 microns are also possible. Zinc coatings widely used for the protection of finished objects are made from mild, low-alloy and high-carbon steels. The excellent corrosion protection is effective in most atmospheric conditions and also when the product comes into contact with either natural or synthetic corrosive substances. Protection against aggressive environments such as salt spray conditions can be enhanced by applying one or two epoxy paint coats onto the zinc coating. Zinc spray galvanizing is commonly used on structural steelwork for: Windmill towers Chemical, cement and fertilizer industries Refineries Power plants Pipelines Bridges and other marine applications Transformer tanks Radiators Other advantages of using zinc spray galvanizing include: Cold process Suitable for all sizes Surface is ideal for painting No hydrogen embrittlement Suitable for alkaline conditions Jobs can be done on-site Long-term protection Variable coating thickness
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Industrial Painting Contractor Services We involve in Industrial Painting Services for all kind of Equipment's like Heat Exchanger , Storage Tank , Refinery Equipment , Oil & Gas Equipments.
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Blasting & Painting for Bridges We take up all kind of Bridges painting & Coating at any height condition.
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Industrial Painting Service We involve in all type of Industrial Painting Service for Steel Industry Chemical Industry Refinery Industry Oil & gas Industry Cement Plant Fertilizer Plant Construction Engineering Industry
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Statue Painting Services We involve in all type of Decorative Painting Service for Statue's